The place where the pine trees kiss the sea

The peninsula of Sithonia is often described as the place where the pine trees kiss the sea. Of the three peninsulas that comprise Halkidiki, Sithonia is the most famous for its stunning landscapes. The beaches worth visiting, apart from that of Sarti, are numerous. Kavourotripes, Armenistis ,Tigania, Platanitsi, and Kriaritsi are some of the most popular especially amongst youngsters for their boisterous beach bars.

The small coves on the beach of Sykia (Klimataria, Pigadaki, Linaraki) are less popular and more family friendly. They can be an excellent suggestion for seafood lovers and a safe choice for swimming during windy days. For those who would care to discover more of the green-blue waters in Halkidiki, Trani Ammouda and Vourvourou are the places to rent boats and visit Diaporos, an exotic small island with crystal clear water. Koviou Beach, the coast of Kalogria and Tristinika are also places well worth visiting.